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KBSYS Project History
  • HYBE integrated website construction
  • Construction of SK Eco Plant EDP Service Portal and Development Environment
  • SK Rent-A-Car Year 2022 Smart Link Infra Primary reconstruction
  • SK Hynix's year 2022 (HCP) Hybrid Cloud Management System Establishment
  • Construction of Shinhan Financial Group's website for external users of Data Dam
  • Shinhan Card Knowledge Management System Rebuilding
  • Construction of Korean Air Safety Management IT System
  • Establishment of Woori Bank's BI service advancement
  • Establishment of Job Korea Data AI Platform
  • Establishment of the manual management system and WIKI system of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Establishment of Shinhan Financial Data Dam Analysis Portal
  • Establishment of an information platform for international environmental cooperation information system of the Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology Institute
  • The second establishment of the next-generation environmental industry information system at the Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology Institute
  • The Korea Magazine Association's 2021 magazine content DB and operating integrated management system
  • COPIN Holdings Co., Ltd. has established an event platform
  • KEITI Information System Integrated Maintenance Project in 2021
  • Life Cycle One-Stop Service Expansion Project for Government 24
  • Introduction of Woori Bank's MyData service construction business infrastructure
  • Introducing Woori Bank's AI service hub D2iQ Konvoy
  • Establishment of a new business manual system for Samsung Securities
  • SK Hynix's Knowledge Blog Platform Expansion and Community Function Improvement
  • SK Hynix established a multicasting system
  • SK Hynix's Hydisk Secret Document Box Mobile Cube Linkage
  • SK Hynix DCOS Enterprise SW License
  • SK Hynix promoted CUBE 2.0
  • SK Eco Plant's digital platform Infra. Architecture design construction project in 2021
  • SK Hynix Cloud-based analysis data provision environment and Data Lake Security certification authority system establishment
  • SK Hynix established Cloud Management System in 2021
  • SK Hynix's (HCP) Hybrid Cloud Management System was established in 2021
  • SK Hynix's Gauss Labs AI Platform Construction and HCP Integration in 2021
  • SK Hynix's Data Hub platform service expansion in 2021
  • Woori Bank’s MyData Service Construction Cluster and EIMS
  • Kookmin Bank's MyData Data Analysis Platform Analysis Portal was established
  • Establishment of Woori Bank's AI-based market forecasting system (Cloud environment configuration)
  • Establishment of KB Kookmin Card's AI hub and model automation platform
  • Development of SK Hynix's "20 Data Lake API"
  • SK Hynix "20 Redis DB Cluster Deployment"
  • First Construction of the Next Generation Environmental Industry Technology Information System by the Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute
  • Woori Bank's AI Service Hub Construction Project- Cloud Portal, Analytical Hadoop Layout, VOC Analysis Environment Construction
  • Big Data Services Phase 2 to strengthen the competitiveness of the VAN Business of the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute Big Data Portal
  • Magna Chip Semiconductor Key foundry IT System Construction Management Information
  • JB Financial Group Building a Data Hub for JB Financial Group – Big Data Portal
  • Development of the Next Generation Social Information System of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Shinhan Financial Investment Cloud-based Data Analysis Platform– Develop Analysis Portal
  • Woori Bank's AI-based market forecasting system – cloud management
  • SK Hynix Private Cloud and Global CDN Deployment Project
  • SK Hynix 2018 Information Service WORKPLACE Construction (for 2019)
  • SK Hynix's Watson chatbot project in 2019 (ChatBot 2)
  • SK Corporation's project to upgrade the construction of shared offices
  • KB Kookmin Bank's Non-face-to-face Log System Advancement Project
  • KB Kookmin Bank THE-K Data HUB Rebuild
  • Korea Creative Content Agency Coordination Incident Processing System Maintenance Entrustment Service in 2019
  • SK Hynix MESOSPHERE License SW Solution
  • SK Hynix's 2019 Manufacturing Technology Smartwork Construction
  • CJ Logistics IT Infrastructure Efficiency Project - MSA Pilot
  • Woori Bank's AI service hub construction business solution development project
  • Magazine Association Magazine Content DB and Integrated Management System Operation
  • Environmental Technology Institute Maintenance of Environmental Industry-Related
  • Construction SK Hynix Live Streaming Engine
  • Establishment of Learning Management System (LMS) for next-generation security leaders in KITRI
  • Establishing a foundation for integrated case management system for welfare and mental health through social security information system
  • KB Kookmin Bank Data Analysis Platform Establishment
  • Creating and maintaining contents of the 2018 Marine Ecological Integrated Information System
  • Establishment of System Migration according to Magna Chip Semiconductor Legacy System OSDB discontinuation
  • SK Hynix 18-year Infrastructure Integration Maintenance
  • Establishment of Joint Knowledge Management System Based on SK Hynix WIKI
  • SK Hynix Developed SKHY Cube Advanced (Chatbot) in 2018
  • SK Hynix's 18-year CUBE Upgrade and Rich Notification HUB implementation
  • IT_OT Convergence Pilot with SK Hynix Smart CMS
  • 2nd round of SEQUIMOTION Global O2O Platform CUUB Web & Mobile Messenger System Establishment
  • Maintenance of Korea Content Agency's 2018 Mediation Incident Handling System
  • Ajou Group Reorganization
  • (Company) Korea Magazines Association 2018 Magazine Content DB and Integrated Management System Operation
  • SK Hynix's 18 year mobile platform advancement and QA environment establishment
  • Development of Yuanta Securities Business Manual System
  • Establishment of a branch business process digitalization (business support portal) of Shinhan Financial Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Implementation of SK Corporation's shared office IT environment Digital Workplace
  • Production of the website of the Jeollanam-do Content Enterprise Development Center of the Jeollanam-do Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency
  • Establishment of a business system for ZHS and D E/Mobile/Personal/Management
  • Environmental Technology Institute maintenance of systems related to environmental industry, overseas environment, and green products in 2018
  • Reconstruction Jeonbuk Bank Call Center System
  • Reconstruction Gwangju Bank Call Center
  • Introducing DC/OS for SK Hynix Private Cloud configurations
  • Establishment of open innovation competition system outside SK Hynix
  • SK Hynix Tooltip Dictionary Building
  • BC Card Next Generation Software Adoption (TIBCO Middleware) and Technical Support
  • Development of Magna Chip Semiconductor Human Resources Labor Union Mobile App
  • SK Hynix's 18 Years of EGSS System and Mobile Work Environment Advancement
  • SK Hynix Private Cloud and Global CDN deployment
  • Development of SK Hynix Cloud Common Components and Standards
  • Development of Framework to Establish SK Hynix Mobile Platform
  • SK Hynix ITO Business Operation Agreement
  • Phase 2 of SK Hynix Smart WorkPlace Deployment
  • SK Hynix Sangsang Town Development Service
  • Establishment of Informatization Automation System to Strengthen Competitiveness of SK Hynix Foundry
  • SK Hynix Mobile Platform Expansion and Cube Elevation
  • SK Hynix SWP Phase II Cube Mail Establishment and Advanced Collaboration Tools
  • Spread of SK Hynix's SWP Phase II Cube/Cube Mail filling method
  • SK Hynix's SWP Phase II Cube/Cube Mail Wuxi Corporation Spreads
  • Establishment of SK Hynix's Next Generation Video Sharing Environment
  • SK Hynix MI System_BI Establishment
  • SK Hynix's 17-year enterprise knowledge sharing activation integrated viewer contract
  • SM Lounge Web Service Maintenance Agreement
  • Advanced and Maintenance of Integrated Marine Ecological Information System
  • The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's Vibrio sepsis modeling and prediction system
  • Improvement and Maintenance of Integrated Information Network for Overseas Environments
  • (C) Improvement of the website of the DC Win-Win Cooperation Support Center of the Korea Federation of Wireless Internet Industries
  • Korea Tourism Organization's Knowledge Management System Establishment Service
  • SKUIMOTION Global O2O Platform CUUB Web & Mobile Messenger System
  • Development of the Credit Guarantee Fund Consulting Comprehensive Management System Research Service
  • Establishment of Credit Guarantee Fund Original Information Disclosure System
  • Establishment of Korea Railroad's Original Information Disclosure System
  • Establishment of Original Information Disclosure System for Private School Pension Corporation
  • Establishment of the Media Promotion Foundation's Original Information Disclosure System
  • Development of T-ID Web Accessibility Change for SKT Cloud Services
  • Establishment of the Mineral Resources Corporation's Original Information Disclosure System
  • Establishment of the Gwanghae Management Corporation's Original Information Disclosure System
  • Development of Smartphone Digital Function Prevention App for Out-of-School Youth at the Korea Youth Policy Institute
  • LG Electronics Playground Service Development
  • Sunday Newspaper Biz Korea N-Pub Introduction and Homepage Establishment
  • Development of Safe Return System Software in Cheongju City
  • Development of Boram's terminal at the Seoul Regional Correctional Administration of the Ministry
  • Lotte Card Call Center KMS Development Service
  • KTNET-uTradeHub Web Standard Conversion Advancement Service
  • Consignment Services for the Improvement of the Korea Content Agency's Coordination Event Handling System
  • SK Hynix Establishes Next Generation Collaboration Portal
  • SK Hynix Mobile Store Construction Development
  • SK Hynix Search Engine and OCR Agreement
  • Seoul Cultural History Paper Garden Digital Publishing
  • A project to establish the website of the DC Win-Win Cooperation Support Center
  • Establishment of Seoul Cultural History Integrated Portal Service
  • (Corp) Advancement and Operation of K-Magazine Market Place by Korea Magazine Association
  • Development of I2 Disclosure System for Authorization Documents
  • Establishment of Doosan Infracore Dealer Portal and Dealer Management System
  • Development of Current affairs Journal Current Events Biz CMS
  • Development of a front desk for integrated system of Gyeonggi-do homepage
  • Establishment of Korean Air's Morning Cam/Beyond north system
  • Development of Hyundai Card Insight Trip
  • Development of ZEUS Equipment Utilization Service App
  • Establishment of Integrated Capacity Management System for Manufacturing Technology Division of SK Hynix
  • Build safe return applications in Seongdong-gu
  • Establishment of the Original Document Disclosure System of Korea Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation
  • National Assembly Integrated Knowledge Management System Improvement Project
  • LG Electronics Culture Colage Construction Project
  • Establishment of Smart Banding Machine Management System (Maxpo Co., Ltd.)

Personal information processing policy

KBSYS Inc. hereinafter values your personal information and complies with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection.
The company will inform you of the use and method of personal information provided by you through the personal information processing policy and what measures are being taken to protect your personal information.
When the company revises its personal information processing policy, it will announce it through a website notice or individual notice.

Privacy items that you collect

  1. - Name of the company and the name of the person inquiring: Used in the identification process according to the use of the service, such as the request for counseling. - E-mail address: Securing a smooth communication path for processing counseling applications, etc. - Other items: Securing basic data for web consulting

Purpose of collection and use of personal information

  1. - We collect and use your personal information for the purpose of providing the optimal service of the project you want as identification and marketing data for users who want to request for the project.

Period of retention and use of personal information

  1. - In principle, users' personal information shall be destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. - However, the company name, customer name, e-mail address, phone number, and other optional items may be retained for one year to provide the customer's desired service due to the company's internal policy. - If it is necessary to preserve it according to the relevant statutes, such as the Commercial Act, the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, etc., it shall be preserved for a certain period of time. * Records on the handling of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years* Act on Consumer Protection in e-commerce, etc. (Records on self-confirmation (months), records on visits (3 months)

Period of retention and use of personal information

  1. - Destruction procedure : The information you entered for the quotation inquiry will be transferred to a separate DB after the purpose has been achieved. In case of paper, it will be stored for a certain period of reference according to the internal policy of the document box and other related laws. * Personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be transferred for any other purpose other than being retained unless it is legal. - Destruction method : Personal information stored in electronic file type shall be deleted using a technical method that cannot play records.

Provide personal information

  1. In principle, the company does not provide users' personal information outside. However, exceptions are made in the following cases. Where the users have agreed in advance/according to the provisions of the Act or if there is a request from the investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by the Act for the purpose of investigation.

Consignment of personal information collected

  1. The company does not entrust your information to an external company without your consent. If such a need arises in the future, we will notify you of the consignee and the details of the entrusted work and get prior consent if necessary.